There are two critically important features a world class online training solution must offer:

  • Simply great content with lesson plans developed by the best subject matter experts in their field
  • Creative care to make the online material the most interesting it can be. TRN provides this for every online course!

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is highly customized to the law enforcement and corrections communities to provide:

  • Instant real-time access to all officer training results
  • Filter results by various fields of information such as courses, officers, time, etc.
  • Sort results by rank and leadership
  • Easy start and stop to all online training for officers — pick up where you left off!
  • Randomized testing from officer-to-officer
  • Coming soon: integration of all training in one online software application for the same price!


The Competition Doesn’t Compare!


Police Communitypolicecommunity.net
Endorsed by CALEA & FBINAA Yes
Course customization Yes
Backend administration Yes
Track & register officers Yes
Price $6.95/month per officer