Workplace and Sexual Harassment

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    Course Title

    Workplace and Sexual Harassment

    Course Description

    The Workplace & Sexual Harassment online course provides to all personnel in an agency those "dos and mostly those don’ts" that individuals must be clearly educated to avoid to prevent a harassment filing against them. This is a subject that while most individuals think they have a clear understanding is often clearly misunderstood. This online course provides the increased knowledge and clarity all individuals should know.

    Course Syllabus

    • Course Introduction
    • Pre-Assessment
    • Module 1: Introduction to Harassment
    • Module 2: The Law of Workplace Harassment & Discrimination
    • Module 3: Inappropriate Behaviors
    • Module 4: Harassment Summary & Conclusion
    • Post-Assessment

    Subject Matter Experts

    Ms. Mary Claire McNaught (bio) and Randy Means.