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    Course Title

    Emotional Intelligence for Law Enforcement & Correctional Officers

    Course Description

    This Emotional Intelligence course focuses on improving understanding of one’s own emotional responses as the basis for successfully managing the behavior of others. To accomplish these ends, this course first introduces EQ as the concept of emotional intelligence. Officers learn about the roots of EQ and the benefits to possessing emotional intelligence. Next, the emotional and rational brain is discussed, including an exploration of the Five Steps of Emotional Processing and ways to manage our emotional responses through manipulation of our beliefs, self-talk, and labeling. Lastly, the officer learns about improving emotional intelligence. The course delves into how to recognize emotions, understand the link between emotions, thoughts, and actions, and discusses “hot button” issues. Practical techniques for controlling emotional responses are covered, in addition to further suggestions for developing EQ, tips for recognizing and understanding the emotions of others, and the seven tools for managing emotions of others.

    Course Syllabus

    • Course Introduction
    • Pre-Test
    • Module 1: Introduction to EQ
    • Module 2: the Emotional and Rational Brain
    • Module 3: Improving Emotional Intelligence
    • Post-Test
    • Course Credit