Applied Ethics

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    Course Title

    Applied Ethics/Becoming an Exemplary Peace Officer

    Course Description

    This Applied Ethics/Becoming an Exemplary Peace Officer course draws on curricula from the Josephson Institute of Ethics, founded in 1987 by Michael Josephson. Officers explore the meaning of ethics and values, learn to identify the six pillars of character, and receive the information and knowledge they need to better engage in ethical decision making and act as exemplary peace officers.As per the Josephson Institute of Ethics lesson plan, this course begins by defining ethics and values, discussing different subtypes of values and characteristics of ethical behavior. Next, the course turns to character, using the Josephson Institute of Ethics template of six pillars. The six pillars of character are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship, and officers explore the character qualities encompassed by each pillar, testing their knowledge with hypothetical scenario questions. Lastly, the course delves into ethical decision making, describing exemplary decisions as ones that legally, ethically, and effectively accomplish the task and support as many of the four modern policing missions as possible. To help officers make exemplary decisions, decision making strategies are also discussed.

    Course Syllabus

    • Course Introduction
    • Pre-Test
    • Module 1: Ethics
    • Module 2: Character
    • Module 3; Ethical Decision Making
    • Conclusion
    • Post-Test
    • Course Credits

    Subject Matter Experts

    Course Subject Matter Licensed from the Josephson Institute, Los Angles; Mr. Michael Josephson, Founder

    Final review Mr. Randy Means