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  • TRN’s course development philosophy followed by company’s management, subject matter experts and multi-media development team consistently focuses on the issues of quality, accuracy and creativity in the creation of all of its In-Service Online Training courses for professional law enforcement and correctional officers.

    TRN staffing believes they we simply provide very best online training available today from any source…and at the best prices!

    In our opinion, online training must start with an impeccable lesson plan/script from the very best subject matter experts who have both real-world experience in law enforcement and correctional facilities, as well as, advanced degrees in their field of expertise. It makes a difference!

    TRN does not create online training that many officers have referred to other online products as “Death by PowerPoint”! Rather, TRN takes each course/subject content independently and develops the online course to insure that the key training messages are clearly presented so all officers gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter being discussed. Whether it is 3D graphic development, custom video, photography or unique audio, TRN’s online training at www.policecommunity.net pushes the envelope to develop the best online training material available today for law enforcement and correctional officers!

    Officer Survival Techniques

    Many law enforcement officers associate personal safety and survival training with firearms and defensive tactics exercises. This course will identify the most significant aspects of officer safety and survival.

    First Aid/CPR

    As either a first responder or a police officer it is essential to be trained with basic emergency lifesaving care. This course provides participants with training on how to administer CPR, assist choking victims, control bleeding, and prevent suicide.

    Suspicious Activity Reporting

    After the events of 9-11, Federal, State and City governments continue to implement precautions against potential terrorists attacks. While nothing can completely eliminate the risk of an incident, appropriate prevention strategies may still reduce the scope, severity or duration of an incident.

    Policing the Mentally Ill Individual

    This course will focus on policing the mentally ill. However, at the same time the course will be dealing with persons whose abnormal mental state is caused not by mental illness but by the situation in which they find themselves.

    Use of Force

    The Use of Force online program covers many key aspects related to the "legal parameters" of a force "core transaction". A focus on Officer Liability and personal safety, and maintaining proportionality in the Officer's decision to implement deadly force.


    Utilizing extremely rich 3D graphic programming combined with highly accurate information and narration this is most likely the absolute "best online course" or even best method for providing all law enforcement officers first time training/education or mandatory retraining on the use and operation of RADAR technology available.

    Domestic Violence

    This Investigating the Domestic Violence Case course is designed to provide officers with a comprehensive overview of issues surrounding domestic violence.

    Active Shooter

    The Active-Shooter for Public-Safety personnel provides clear and detailed instruction for all 9-1-1 emergency dispatch personnel from APCO subject matter experts on the recognition of an Active Shooter, precise multi-tasking techniques to manage and deal with a rapidly moving and dangerous situation, and decision tree concepts to better aid the dispatcher to Officer clear communication.

    Emotional Intel

    This Emotional Intelligence course focuses on improving understanding of one’s own emotional responses as the basis for successfully managing the behavior of others.

    Customer Service

    Law enforcement’s mission is accomplished primarily through one-on-one interaction with citizens in the community. Simply put, the better we are at dealing with people, the better we are at doing our jobs.

    Applied Ethics

    This Applied Ethics/Becoming an Exemplary Peace Officer course draws on curricula from the Josephson Institute of Ethics, founded in 1987 by Michael Josephson.

    Bloodborne Pathogens

    The Bloodborne Pathogens online course developed by the Chief Pathologist of the LAPD provides all of the necessary training for both law enforcement and correctional officers who are annually required to update their training on this subject matter.

    Workplace and Sexual Harassment

    The Workplace & Sexual Harassment online course provides to all personnel in an agency those "dos and mostly those don’ts" that individuals must be clearly educated to avoid to prevent a harassment filing against them.